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Whether you are looking for gold or silver or other precious metals, Hill Top Coins has a constantly revolving selection and we are able to fill you investing needs when you are ready to buy.  


We carry American Gold Eagles, Krueggrands, Canadian Gold Maples and much more. For the silver bug we offer American Silver Eagles, Maple Leafs, and other various sizes of silver bars, rounds, and 90% coin silver.


Whether you have gold coins, silver bars or ingots, our team of experts has the experience and the dedication to giving you the best price for your precious metals and bullions.


Over 10 years of premier precious metals trading

When you choose Hill Top Coins, you are getting our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves in providing competitive and reliable appraisals and sales of precious metals, bullions, coins and more. When you are looking for quality, come to Hill Top Coins!

Earning your trust, one ounce at a time

Bullion and precious metals

  • Gold Coins and bars

  • Silver bars and rounds

  • Ingots and platinum coins

  • American silver & gold eagles


Locally owned and operated

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